Epoxy Flooring and Line Marking service in Melbourne

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Need a Proper Epoxy Floor Coating job done fast at a very competitive price and without any complications, we are here to find the best floor for you.

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Auscraft Industrial Flooring Leaders in Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings.

A well designed and applied epoxy concrete floor system features a protective, reflective and inviting finish. It leaves an impressive and favorable impression about any business or firm. Due to many competitive benefits of epoxy flooring, home owners, shopping centers, coffee shops and even medical facilities are now choosing them over timber or carpeted floors.

Most modern buildings are now considering an epoxy floor finish as their sustainable flooring option. Instead of spending lots of money on various floor coverings and maintenance, epoxy flooring systems allow the owners to save their money due to minimal floor maintenance. The floor coating will not require intense scrubbing or steam cleaning as the surface is exceptionally hard wearing with high durability and abrasion resistance.

On the other hand, some epoxy floors do offer very cost effective solutions. There are some flooring systems that are made for very tight budgets. The cost of installed product, including basic floor preparation starts at around $25 + gst per square metre. Epoxy Floor is just one of the most economical flooring solutions we can find on the market today.

The beauty of such flooring system does not stop here. Epoxy floors are often available in gloss finish. They undeniably give priceless aesthetics value, making it a top option to most facilities in office building, showrooms, warehouses and government buildings.

Residential and Commercial business owners should always remember that the beauty of an epoxy floor system does not end at its installation. They should keep in mind that the maintenance comes as a vital factor to making those benefits and your competitive edge last.

When it comes to choosing a flooring contractor for your epoxy flooring job in Melbourne, please consider Auscraft Industrial Flooring as they are a well-known business in the flooring industry today. With its long-years of experience in providing quality service to the industry they make sure that process of a floor installation is as smooth as it can be and that all Customers are happy with their new epoxy floor.

Their professionals are on stand by to find the best epoxy floor you have been looking for.